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I hope this customizable DIY printable will make your wedding planning a little easier, and a lot prettier. Here is how to edit, print and cut your Get Wed Printable.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Visit the Acrobat DC website. Select your computer operating system and language from the drop-down menus to download correct version for your device.


If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat DC Reader on your computer, you will need to download it. You will use this program to open and edit your invitation file. The Adobe people are awesome, so this amazing tool is free to download.

Install Acrobat DC Reader on your computer after you have downloaded it, and chose to make it your default program for PDF files. Or you can right click on your Get Wed Printables file, and open it with Acrobat DC in the pop-up menu.

Home Printable File

Your Get Wed Printable download comes with two editable files. One is set up for home printing, and the other is set up for commercial printing at places like Kinkos or Staples.

Chose the file with “Home Printer” in the name if you’re a dedicated DIY maven.

Commercial Printable File

Chose the file with “Commercial Printer” in the name if you would rather have a professional take care of the printing and cutting. You can also choose luxury printing options if you go with a commercial printer, like metallic foil, letterpress and deluxe paper finishes. Have a look at the Get Wed website for more paper finishing ideas.

Commercial Printable File

Click on the blue highlighted area you would like to edit and begin typing. The blue box will disappear, and re-appear when you are done. The blue highlights do not show up when the design is printed.


Open the Home Printing or Commercial Printing version of your printable in Acrobat Reader DC.

Click on the blue highlighted areas to edit the text in that box. The blue highlight will disappear while you are editing the text. It will re-appear when you click into another box or area of the page.

Don’t worry, these blue highlighted boxes will not appear on the final printed product.

Save your changes when you are done editing. You can make more changes later if you need to.

Commercial Printable File

You only need to edit one copy of the design on the Home Printer file. The others will update with your changes automatically.

The Home Printer version of your file has multiple copies of the invitation placed on an A4 sheet. This is to help you save on paper and costs.

You only need to edit the text areas of one of the copies of the design. The other copies will update automatically as you edit. Give it a try. Edit only the first copy of the design on the sheet, and you will see the others update as you go.

Commercial Printable File

For best results, choose a heavy stock white gloss paper. Heavy stock is 16pt - 32pt. Your printer may only be able to print up to a certain thickness. If the paper is too thick, it may get jammed. Make sure you check what this is before you invest in your paper.


If you are printing at home, consider printing on heavy card stock rather than standard paper. It makes a big difference, and it can be lots of fun picking out beautiful paper for your invitation. Check out the Get Wed website for paper inspiration and information.

Get Wed Printables designs are colorful, and will look best on white gloss paper. If you would like to experiment with other paper colors and finished, such as brown kraft or matte paper, try printing one first to test if it looks good before printing out more.

The Home Printer files are set up to be printed on standard A4/210mm x 297mm/8.5” x 11” sheets of paper, so make sure you purchase this size paper.

Print Your Invitations

It’s time to see your beautiful design in print. If you are sending your invitations to a commercial printer, email your personalized file to them, and they will hand over the finished product. Job done!

The Home Printer files are set up to be printed on standard A4/210mm x 297mm/8.5” x 11” sheets of paper. See the instructions above for more on choosing paper.

Cut Your Invitations

Use the crop mark lines as your cutting guides for best results.


You will see small black lines at the corners of the invitation designs. These are your cutting guides.

A home guillotine/paper trimmer is pretty handy for cutting out invitations, and will make the process a lot faster and easier.

If you do not have a guillotine or paper trimmer, a rolling cutter, cutting mat and a ruler is the next best thing. You can purchase these at any craft store.

A good pair of scissors will do the job too, but it will take longer and be less precise than the two cutting options above.

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